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World Timbres Mixture (2019)

portada World Timbres Mixture

This CD contains the following recordings:

  1. Mixing up (2016-2017)
        Composer: José Luis Campana
        Ensemble: ARCEMA
        Conductor: Julien Guénebaut
        Duration: 14'30"
  2. Mandala (2009)
        Composer: Isabel Urrutia
        Percussion: Jean Geoffroy
        Duration: 12¨'00"
  3. Etorkiz eta izatez (2017)
         Composer: Isabel Urrutia
         Trio: Zukan
         Duration: 10'00"
  4. Nalu Kamusi (2002)
         Composer: José Luis Campana
         Percussion: Jean Geoffroy
         Duration: 13'00"
  5. Así... (2000)
        Composer: José Luis Campana
        Guitar: Roberto Aussel
        Duration: 14'00"

trasera World Timbres Mixture

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Chamber Music (2012)

Libreto ingles

This CD has the following recordings:

  1. Mara-mara, for marimba, (2002)
         Supported by The Culture Department of The Basque Government.
         Marimba: Jean Geoffroy
         Duration: 7 min approx.
  2. Lilurak, quintet for clarinet and strings, (2012)
        Commisioned by The BBVA Foundation.
        Clarinet: José Luis Estellés
        Arriaga Quartet: Aitzol Iturriagagoitia and Rodrigo Bauzá (violins), Miguel Angel Lucas (viola) and Damien Ventula (violoncello).
        Duration: 11 min approx.
  3. Un jour ou l´autre, for horn and piano, (2004)
         Supported by The Culture Department of The Basque Government.
         Horn: André Cazalet
         Piano: Julien Guénébaut
         Duration: 8 min approx.
  4. Sei, sextet for violin, violoncello, piano and percussion trio, (2010)
        Commissioned by the Spanish branch of The Centre for the Diffusion of    Contemporary Music (CDMC). The Work was selected to represent Spain in The UNESCO International Tribune of Composers in 2010
        Residencias Ensemble (Trío Arbós and Neopercusión): Juan Carlos Garbayo     (piano), Miguel Borrego (violin), José Miguel Gómez (violoncello), Juanjo Guillén, Juanjo Rubio and Rafa Gálvez (percussion).
        Duration: 11 min approx.
  5. Mandala, for a multipercussion solo and electronics recording, (2009)
         Electronics on CD, produced in GRM studios, Paris.
         Percussion: Jean Geoffroy
         Duration: 12 min approx.
  6. Nahi, (version of « Gerok »), for seventeen instruments, (2007)
        Commissioned by ARCEMA/Paris Ensemble
        Ensemble ARCEMA/ Paris Ensemble
        Duration: 12 min approx.


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