Isabel Urrutia

Mara-mara (2002)

For marimba.

Approximate running time: 7 minutes.

Edited by Lemoine-Paris Edition.


This piece for solo marimba was the result of the confrontation of very pronounced rhythms, inspired by dances from Basque folklore, with other rhythmic forms that accelerate or decelerate “ad libitum”.

This process of rhythmic confrontation is applied to the high/low space as well as to dynamics (stasis opposed to large crescendos or diminuendos) or pitches (fixed notes opposed to others in motion)…

Through a free, up-to-date-musical language, the listener may thus perceive two distinct sound universes, sometimes independent, sometimes in relations, sometimes blended or blurred, stemming from Basque folklore and the oral tradition.

Performed by Jean Geoffroy (percussion)

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